Blog #2 Prompt – Failure In Leadership

The prompt for this blog is “Failure is a part of learning and leadership, tell us about a time when you failed as a leader. What did you learn from the experience and how has it shaped the way you lead?”

Complete a 2-3 page double spaced word document and email to with subject heading 00Change Blog. Responses will be graded based on the following rubric and the best response will be selected. The due date for emailing your thoughts is Tuesday, 3/29/16. If your blog response is selected, it is worth extra credit in some of your classes and also counts for 1 hour of program stewardship for PLP.

Ideas (5 points) Answers to prompts are interesting and demonstrate sophisticated thought.
Critical Thinking (5 points) Critical thinking has been applied to the answers of the prompts.
Support (5 points) Examples and reasoning used to demonstrate understanding of the prompt.
Organization & Coherence (5 points) Prompts are answered in a formatted and linear pattern of thinking.  Answers are almost entirely free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

If you have any questions, want to share other creative pieces about leadership (i.e. poems, stories), or are dying to blog about a certain leadership question you’ve had on your mind, please feel free to leave a comment or email with subject heading 00Change Blog.


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