The Leadership Studies at the University of Northern Colorado defines leadership as a process of social influence, which develops the capacity of a human community to bring forth new realities. We view the practice of leadership as one that is founded on inclusive excellence; where the success of a community is dependent on the degree to which leaders value and engage the rich social diversity and strengths of its citizens. Often viewed as a position that an individual takes on, leadership is also, and often more importantly, a process with ripple effects that extend far beyond the life of the individual.  Leaders are not born, they are developed, and the investment of time and effort by one individual can improve the lives of many others. Because all communities are unique in their needs and values, the Leadership Studies programs incorporates academic thought and real-world leadership experience from leaders, communities and cultures around the world. Our graduates are well-versed in multiple models of leadership and have the tools to be successful leaders in communities across the globe.

Our Leadership Studies programs create exciting opportunities in the study and practice of leadership. We believe that an effective leader is one who can not only anticipate change, but also respond to it. Regardless of academic discipline or career field, the power to think critically and analytically, to be adaptable and flexible, and to solve problems creatively and ethically is crucial to both employers and communities. As educators, we recognize that in order for you to participate in and meaningfully contribute to modern society, you need to be well-versed in critical thinking, ethical reasoning, and collective collaboration within individual, community, national, and global contexts. Through the Leadership Studies Minor and Global Leadership Program, we support you as you transform into an effective leader, ready to engage with the problems of the 21st century.

The Leadership Studies program at the University of Northern Colorado will prepare you to respond to the rapidly changing demands of our communities and to rise to the challenge as an active agent of change. We invite you to join our community of leader-scholars and help bring leadership education to life

Email Us: leaders@unco.edu

Call Us: (970)351-2940

Visit Us: Michener L98 Campus Box 13, Greeley, CO 80639



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